Students Busted in Operation Ivy League

Columbia University made headlines Tuesday as five of its students were arrested in relation to an undercover drug sting termed Operation Ivy League by NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

The suspects - identified as Chris Coles, Harrison David, Adam Klein, Jose Perez, and Michael Wymbs – are accused of selling undercover officers up to $11,000 in drugs. According to, all plead guilty to multiple charges in the Manhattan Criminal Court on Tuesday.

According to the official police release, NYPD Narcotics officers – operating undercover – engaged in 31 purchases of various drugs from students, including Adderall, LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana in an operation that spans back to July. A search of the students’ dorms Tuesday uncovered $2000 in cash, 15 Adderall pills, 50 MDMA capsules, a bottle of LSD, and over a half pound of marijuana.

The operation focused on three fraternity residences: Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Psi Upsilon. According to police, LSD was being applied to Altoids mints and SweeTARTS candy.

Three alleged drug dealers were also arrested, two in late October and a third on Sunday, having supposedly supplied the students with the drugs. One of these alleged dealers, from Manhattan’s East Village, is suspected of selling DMT, LSD, and cocaine to undercover officers on at least seven occasions, as well as plotting to kidnap and murder two rival cocaine traffickers believed to have previously stolen money from him. reports that at least one of the students – Chris Coles – claims the drugs were a way of paying for his tuition.

Commissioner Kelly added, "The fact that a supplier to the Columbia students was willing to kill his rivals should demolish any argument that drugs on campus is a victimless crime. This is no way to work your way through college.”

sunday, september 19. 2021 - (week 37)