Seahawks Coach Is Better Focused To Lead Team In Playoffs

Pete Carroll is hoping to take the Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl following a surprise win over last years Super Bowl champions, the New Orleans Saints in a wild-card game.

Carroll is no stranger to playoff games, having lead the University of Southern California to a record seven consecutive BCS bowls.

Carroll finds the playoff environment "exciting in a different way," from what he experienced as a college football coach. If Carroll were still coach for the University of Southern California he would not have had the opportunity to compete in the playoffs since the team finished the past season with a 7-9 record and was not bowl eligible.

On Sunday the Seahawks will take on the Chicago Bears in an NFC divisional game. Carroll says that he likes the way the "excitement and fun" mount during the playoff process in the NFL. Carroll adds that he was not a fan of the college bowl system and the way it all comes down to a single bowl game.

Carroll helmed one BCS championship win at USC in 2004. The coach is familiar with how things work in the NFL, having served as head coach for the New York Jets in 1994 and in the same capacity with the New England Patriots from 1997 to 1999. During his reign, the Patriots lost their sole playoff game during that time in 1998.

Carroll says that he is better focused now and is a "different coach" then he was in the past. He adds that he has "different philosophy" now and looks at situations with a different perspective and is more "clearly focused" now. The players note that Carroll has brought some of the typical college spirit into the locker room, but quarterback Matt Hasselbeck adds that Carroll has "set the tone" and provided standards and guidelines, but added that at the end of the day "this is our team" and said that players also have to step up.

The coach does not plan to play the underdog card as means of drumming up support. The Seahawks will arrive in Chicago on Friday and get in some practice before Sunday's game. Carroll feels he has the right mind set now and hopes to focus his team and do his best to be prepared as the NFL playoffs continue.

sunday, september 19. 2021 - (week 37)