French University Admitted To College Board

The Institut d Etudes Politiques (or the Institutes of Political Studies, also known as Sciences Po) has become the first public institution from France to join the College Board ...

...which is an American-based organization established to oversee the SAT and Advanced Placement program.

Sciences Po was officially admitted to the College Board on Wednesday. Francis Vérillaud, deputy director of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques who also serves as head of the International Affairs Division, calls the move an "important step forward" for the French institution.

Vérillaud pointed out, in a press release, that approximately 40% of the Sciences Po's students come to the institution from at least 130 countries. Sciences Po, with a focus on the study and research of contemporary political science, hopes the addition to the College Board will help the nine publicly owned institutions, located throughout France, to better be able to attract and recruit students from around the world, especially North America.

Peter Gumbel, head of the Center for the Americas at the IEPs, notes that American students at the institution usually comes from French high schools so it makes sense for the institution to be more visible to American students.

Students at Sciences Po have access to a large network of high school counselors who assist them with their educational goals and plans. The president of the College Board, Gaston Caperton, feels that Sciences Po shares "similar values" with the College Board, adding that both strive to attain "excellence and opportunity" in education.

The College Board has approximately 5900 members, most of whom are in the United States. The College Board also initiates programs to provide encouragement and support for minority and poor high school and middle school students to attain better academic achievement.

sunday, september 19. 2021 - (week 37)