college student life

The common definition of student life refers to a group of people with a common purpose or shared duties at an institution of higher learning.

They are united for the common purpose to receive an education that qualifies them for a life profession through achievement of a college degree.

Students are defined by modern culture, in society the term “student life” is frequently heard in association with their social life on campus in a college dorm. However, this association leads to the wrong impression. Students are learners with a social life that is disassociated from classroom learning. The impression that students spend the majority of their college life partying is not accurate. In fact, the reality is that students spend most of their time in class, reading textbooks, studying for exams or working either part-time jobs or college-work study. The desire to be recognized through their academic pursuits and not defined by their social activities is a part of the learning process. Student life might have some common aspects, but when grouped together it varies according to individual schools and their norms. What might be a popular activity at one particular college, will not be the norm at every college, individual aspects and commonalities are what comprise the concept of student life.

One common denominator at all college campuses is that student life involves being independent. Students learn how to exist without a specific peer group. Instead they learn how to function within the framework of a large, diverse student body population. More importantly, students learn independent thinking, without the help of their parents or friends. College life requires that each student think for themselves as individuals because there is a relative lack of external influence in a college student’s life. Independence is a stage of life where students develop their own preferences and unlearn various dependent tendencies.

Student life also involves a limitation of personal freedom. Students learn that they can no longer do what they want without any consequences, their lives as independent learners come with new responsibilities. First and foremost, student’s lives revolve primarily around receiving an education through classroom learning. Most students are on their own for the first time, they have to set their own alarm clocks, have meals alone and get to class on their own. They do not have their families with them. They have to make it on their own, or fail.

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