Being on a college campus and sustaining a vegetarian diet is difficult in itself

Colleges were recognized this year for having a vegan menu for students. An animal rights group sponsored the competition for the Most Vegan-Friendly College Competition.

UCLA, Northwestern, and MaMaster University were voted in 2010 most Vegan Friendly.

This year alone there were over 20,000 votes for the competition of the most vegan-friendly college. Votes were cast in divisions of larger and smaller colleges and Canadian schools.

Quality and quantity of the vegan options were used with picking the nominees. Students also provided feedback on the options along with the dining hall experiences.

Large U.S. school this year was UCLA. This school offers students several options such as vegan barbaque beef, roasted vegetables, vegan lasagna, and vegan chili cheese dogs. For smaller schools Northwestern University won.

Cynthia Carvajal, a second year political science student said, “Although I am neither a vegetarian or vegan, I am happy UCLA can provide an inclusive environment for all dietary habits.”

A vegetarian named Alex Muñoz, a second-year psychology student, agrees with the recognition from UCLA.

With the vegatarian options that are provided by UCLA, it demonstrates their committment to dining in an animal friendly environment.

UCLA and NYU have went above and beyond to meet the demands for vegan options on the menu. NYU placed second in the competion. These schools also request feedback on the performance of what they are doing by their students.

A survey conducted in 2009-2010 by Bon Appétit Management Co., found that twelve percent of students think of themselves as a vegetarian and two percent identified themself as a vegan. This percentage increased from last year. Bon Appetit Management Company provides catering services to colleges. Framed certificates will be given to the winners of the competition. These will be displayed on the college campus.